Rendezvous - Skye Jordan, Joan Swan Always in a typical "judge a book by its cover" situation Keaton Holt has till now taken advantage of the women who have approached him and given freely of themselves.s He's explored a myriad of experiences with these adventurous women but now he wants something more substantial and he can't seem to figure out why he's always attracted the "wrong" kind of girl.

The only woman who has only ever seen him for himself is Brooke Dempsey, but they never really got a chance to see where things would go for them. So when he finds he once again and so unexpectedly too since she had been on his mind for a while, he's ready to grab on to her with both hands.

Brooke has the most complicated life ever. Her only focus right now is to make enough money to support what is left of her family; getting her sister through nursing school and finding the best treatment for her young nephew's medical condition. Then and only then can she think about herself. But now her pain in the butt, make her life a living hell boss has her sights set on Keaton and Brooke can't risk losing her heart as well as her job. And so it's going to have to be the occasional secret rendezvous with Keaton or then nothing at all.

I received an Advanced Reader's Copy from the author for voluntary review consideration.