Shadow Falling

Shadow Falling - Rebecca Zanetti Raze is an excellent soldier but he's keeping secrets. And Vinnie has everything to do with those secrets. There's something between them but Raze cannot cross the line or his secret mission would be jeopardized. Vinnie was the FBI’s best profiler and she is discovering secrets of her own. The combination of Scorpius and mind altering drugs have done something to her and that puts her in even more danger. Or is she the dangerous one? She knows Raze is up to something, that he's got a plan for her but she can't stay away. Neither can he for that matter and the conflict of interest is just too much to bear. She is his weakness and he has too much to lose. Coming clean to Jax might save his life but it may just be the death of him.

Life in post apocalyptic L.A couldn't get tougher than this as multiple issues arise and the safe haven that is their home gets caught in the crossfire.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review