The Bachelor's Promise

The Bachelor's Promise - Naima Simone OMG THIS BOOK! It's full of angst and contradicting emotions, romance and supposed betrayal. These 2 have to be the best couple in the series so far. Noelle Rana is the exotic beauty from Aiden Kent's past. She is also the sister and daughter of the 2 men he hates the most in the world. Men he would do anything to destroy if he got his hands on them. He wants nothing to do with the Ranas especially Noelle. Helping Noelle is the last thing he wants to do. Because she is just as good as betrayal as her father and brother. Or so he thinks. But a promise made to his dying mother forces him to re-evaluate that decision. A deep-rooted sense of decency and honor binds him and he lets her into his life and home. Of course the spark that was once there is now a raging inferno. There has never been anyone else like Noelle.

For Noelle no one has ever measured up to Aiden. He was her first love. But to him she always felt she was disposable. Rejected and abandoned by him once she finally musters up the courage to push him to fulfill his promise. She needs a fresh start and he is the only one who can help her get back on her feet. As they rediscover their passion for each other, Aiden soon realises that she was as much an innocent bystander and victim as he was in the twisted games her family played. But he needs to let go of the past and his preconceived ideas about her if he truly wants any kind of a future with Noelle.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review