Love, Alabama

Love, Alabama - Susan  Sands Emma Laroux has convinced herself that she is happy living the single life with a successful business. Her one experience with love has left her feeling insecure about relationships. Especially when every time she has attempted to date, the guys mysteriously break it off before it even begins. It does not help that Tad Beaumont, her ex and now mayor of Ministry, Alabama, keeps close tabs on her every move.

Then Matthew Pope comes into the picture and Emma can't help but befriend him. Matthew is allergic to the thought of Alabama so being in Ministry is hell for him. He has his own skeletons to hide but he also knows Emma's secret and he cannot bear to reveal that fact because she is the only thing that makes it worth staying in Ministry, Alabama.

But Tad can't have Emma and he won't let Matthew have her either, so when the truth comes out more than one life is bound to be destroyed.

This book was a terrific mix if romance, suspense and drama. It was also the first book I have ever read by Susan Sands and it prompted me to go in search of the first book in this series.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.