The Bad Boy's Baby

The Bad Boy's Baby - Cindi Madsen This whole series has been about second chances and this is a really sweet second chance story. Cam Brantley has returned after a decade of fighting for his country. Hope Springs has demons that he must deal with eventually but the ghosts of his tours haunt him. An abusive father and his inherited anger issues have been enough to keep him from getting involved in serious relationships. The last thing he expects to find out is that he is a father.

Emma Walker's one and only purposeful indiscretion left her pregnant, causing her to put her life on hold once again. But that did not stop her from achieving her dreams and her determination to be a good mother to Zoey and landing her dream job in an architectural firm. The Mountain Ridge project is her stepping stone to the next level. Only she didn't expect her plans to be derailed with the return of Cam. And his discovery of the fact that he was Zoey's father.

Each broken and wary because of their pasts, they decide to give each other a chance for the sake of Zoey. Emma's strength and attitude give Cam hope that they may just have a future together. But first he needs to let go of his demons and give them a chance to work.

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