Seducing the Fireman

Seducing the Fireman - Jennifer Bonds I just love second chance love stories and this one is a winner. Jackson "Jax" Hart is back in town with one goal in mind, to track down Frankie his childhood sweetheart and explain why he disappeared all those years ago. Becca "Frankie" Mancini has never been able to get over being stood up by Jax and that has been the driving away force behind every relationship she has ever had.

When she spots him in a bar in Manhattan, the opportunity to have her revenge is ripe, so she approaches him and it's just her luck that he doesn't recognize the woman she's grown into.

The rest is fictional history as Becca realises that revenge is not as sweet as she thought it would be and Jax is willing to do anything so that she can become the woman he dreams of holding in his arms forever. As is the norm with people who have major hangups they each do their damnedest to destroy their relationship but Jax's determination in the end wins.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest