After the Storm: Midseason Episode 1 (Rising Storm)

After the Storm: Midseason Episode 1 (Rising Storm) - Lexi Blake, Julie Kenner, Dee Davis
Oh well, the crap has really hit the fan and the mess is widespread. And Marylee Rush is the self-appointed clean up crew. As is to be expected nothing and no one's worthier than her son Sebastian Rush and so you can imagine the lengths she will go to, to the cover up his latest scandal.

But the other lives that have been thrown off course by Dakota's foray into "the truth" don't have it easy. In fact, expect more blunders from Dakota. This is a great mid-season morsel for those like me who have been wondering, "what the heck is going to happen now".

Ginny surprisingly has kept it together even though she has lost the most. I'm definitely rooting for her

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