Healing Eden

Healing Eden - Rhenna Morgan We got a bit of a preview of the main characters in book 1 Unexpected Eden; Reese Theron and Galena Shantos. Reese is injured, captured and treated as the enemy. Galena's duty is to her gifts and as she heals an injured Reese, she realizes that he is her fated mated. Reese has loved her for ages from afar, when he trained with her brother Ramsay as part of the royal guards. Having betrayed the royal family and reluctantly becoming a part of the rebellion, he is determined to reveal the truth behind his defection. He must prove to them, especially to Ramsay who was once a close friend and confidante. that his intentions are honorable and he will do everything to gain their trust and aid them in their quest to capture Maxis and end the rebellion.

But there are darker forces at work and they are the driving force behind Maxis' pursuit of the rebellion. Reese must reveal his deepest darkest secrets so that he can win the favor of the Shantos family, make Galena his mate and help save the Myren race and Eden. A passionate and emotional book with plenty of action and supernatural elements.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.