Wrecked - Sinclair Jayne An unexpectedly naughty but nice story about first love. Most of them occurring when one is young and immature, still learning about and expanding their definition of love. Hollis and Kadan were together most of their lives as friend and when they did get involved, it was at a time when neither of them knew how to handle a relationship. All they understood was the passion they had for each other. Kadan and up and coming surfer was always surrounded by fans and friends alike. Hollis, an introvert and one who bore the burdens of death and a broken family felt abandoned. After being together off and on for a while they finally go their separate ways.

Many years later, they stumble upon each other on San Clemente beach, in a place where each was seeking refuge from the world. Kadan nursing a life changing injury and Hollis, trying to recuperate from professional burn out and bankruptcy. Maybe this time, if they gave each other the chance to understand what they missed the first time round, they may just find salvation and a future together.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.