The Christmas Wager

The Christmas Wager - Delilah Marvelle What a delightfully fun story. One can always expect a pinch of darkness among plenty of romance and humour from Delilah Marvelle. Till now I have only read the School of Gallantry series and as we all know many of the characters in that series had dark and twisted pasts. In The Christmas Wager, the heroine is the product of that very darkness but her vigor and vim does not allow it to dictate who she is. After 16 years as an abandoned child living with many of similar fate, Felicity finds herself suddenly being claimed by a relative who has only just discovered that she exists. Felicity is soon groomed into a woman pursued by not one but two suitors. Unfortunately the powers that be have different plans for her and voila! you have a story about ghosts, attics, love, friends and family.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.