Seduced by the Baron

Seduced by the Baron - Amy Andrews Faith has put her dreams behind her to care for her ailing father and run the family owned pub Sully's. She's watched her siblings make a life for themselves and find love among her best friends. She is beginning to feel the loss of her dreams, life catching up to her and is determined to make some changes.

Enter Rafael Quartermaine, ex pro-surfer turned beer baron, who is looking for a bar to test market his brand of beer and Sully's is exactly the kind of place he had in mind. With Rafael comes the opportunity for Faith to break out of her rut and finally experience what life has to offer but the ties that bind suddenly tighten and she is forced to give up her dreams once more, but losing Rafael is more than she bargained for.

Also this is the final book in the series and we finally find out what happened in that convent and who the real culprit was all those years ago.

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