Embrace the Mystery

Embrace the Mystery - Caris Roane Ethan and Gerrod's stories were exciting enough but Quinlan's story is taking it to whole other level. You can see a definite pattern emerging. The powers that be are actively changing the course of the lives of the people involved. With Gerrod and Abigail we have the discovery of the Blood Rose which is a definite improvement for the conditions of the Mastyr Vampires. With Ethan and Samantha, we discover that the purpose of these Blood Roses is more than just feeding their Mastyr Vampires. Quinlan and Batya's story further elaborates on how the combined talents of the Mastyr Vampires and the Blood Roses can help over come the Ancient Fae and the Great Mastyr.

Embrace the Mystery starts off with a bang and the pace is fast and furious through out the book. Along with the passion of the two main characters, the villains keep the flames of pursuit hot through out the book. Looking forward to the next book.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.