Recipe for Temptation

Recipe for Temptation - Gina Gordon Cole Murphy has haunted Penn's dreams and fantasies for 3 years. Having to work in close proximity doesn't help her attraction to him. So she's off on a family vacation to put some much needed distance between them, before she screws up their working relationship and her shot at getting a seat on the board of the Madewood foundation.

Penn Foster is never far from Cole's thought. The only person he can call a friend other than his adoptive brother and foster siblings, Penn has the special ability to get under his skin and drag him out of his shell. So he decides to surprise her on her on her holiday and help her win the trophy in her Annual Family Games. She reciprocates her feelings by agreeing to a no-strings attached fling for the duration of the holiday. And Cole is determined to make the best of it.

But he is surprised to see a whole other side to Penn; one he is not used to and certainly did not expect. In front of her family she's withdrawn and cautious, timid even. And he's not liking it one bit. Having dealt with a troubled childhood himself convinced that Penn shouldn't hide her true self from her family. When that blows up in their faces, Cole feels stranded when she doesn't back him up and leaves the resort, while Penn is left alone and friendless, demeaned by her family.

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