The Colonel's Daughter

The Colonel's Daughter - Amy Andrews Army brat, Ivy Danforth is breaking out from under her father's military style over protective surveillance. Spending the summer away from home for a few weeks, having fun with her bestie and hopefully hooking up with a hottie, is at the top of her to do list. But 20+ years of living in a certain way has made her cautious about giving away a precious part of herself. She is crushing heavily on Dean, a bouncer at the club where she works but she can't muster up enough courage to approach him and time is running out.

Dean is actually on assignment, playing watchdog for her father and concealing a lot more than his attraction to Ivy. But it all blows up when they both witness a murder and a hit is put out on them. Now they are both stuck together, in protective custody, in close proximity to each other and the chemistry is explosive.

It's only when Dean or rather Seth realizes that he's going to lose Ivy, that he realizes what he's feeling for her is a lot more than just attraction and he's willing to risk the Colonel's wrath just for a chance to tell Ivy how he really feels,

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