Embrace the Magic

Embrace the Magic - Caris Roane This book is even better than the las one. Mastyr Ethan’s world has been turned upside down, by the frequent murders of his guard and by the presence of Samantha, a half human half fae who just happens to be a blood rose. The attraction between them is instant but then her very existence is to serve a Mastyr though neither Ethan nor Samantha want to be bound by a partner.

But with other Mastyrs present with the same blood starvation, Samantha cannot control the urge to feed them even though she cannot accept that they are not Ethan. And Ethan finds that he is not happy to share her with anyone. As the danger to her and Ethan's realm increases, Samantha begins discovering her lost heritage and Ethan finds himself becoming more and more dependent on her.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review