Exposing the Heiress

Exposing the Heiress - Jennifer Apodaca When Hollywood heiress Alyssa Brooks discovers that her fiance is being paid to marry her, she dumps him, only to have him turn stalker on her. Unfortunately Alyssa has told him things that no one else knows and he uses those secrets to his advantage. As his threats get worse, she turns to her childhood friend and one time crush Hunter Reece, a former Marine sniper, now security specialist.

For Reece, meeting with his littles sister's best friend, brings back memories of when he was still untainted by the horror and misery of war. Once a talented sculptor, now all that he can do with his hands is bring darkness, death and destruction to life, be it in clay or reality.

Only with Alyssa, he finds himself moving towards the light. Her fierce determination, courage and bravery inspire him to create beauty again, to hope again, for a life filled with happiness and love. He is supposed to protect her, save her from her psychotic fiance, but she just may be the one who is saving him from the part of himself that has become a nightmare

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