Make You Burn

Make You Burn - Megan Crane Sons of Anarchy fans! come and get your big bad biker fix. This book just romanticizes motorcycle clubs and bikers so well, even the dark and dangerous ones like Ajax and Sophie is the perfect biker bitch. Born and raised in a motorcycle club she knows the ins and outs; when to speak and when not to, body language and all the "etiquettes" But she's not prepared for the death of her father, Priest, the president of the Deacons of Bourbon Street or the return from exile of 4 of the top full patch members. She is especially not prepared for Ajax the VP, who just steps in and takes over and is definitely not prepared for the feelings he arouses within her.

Ajax is devastated by the death of the man who was like a father to him. Being exiled for 10 years has made no difference to his loyalties nor his priorities as far as the Deacons go. But Sophie is a game changer and one he didn't see coming. His instincts to protect her from the harsh reality of life has taken him by surprise and at the same time he knows that something is not right with the way her father died.

He must revive the Deacons and make them see the truth of the matter, and with Sophie by his side, just might make it a whole lot easier for the both of them to get through the coming storm.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review