Bind Me Before You Go

Bind Me Before You Go - Harper Kincaid Cassidy is a social worker who is tuned into everyones feelings except her own. She has just learned that she has never ever had any real relationships. Whenever she gets involved with someone she turns into the kind of person they want. She doesn't leave any room to be herself and now she is done with that. She just wants to know what she wants, what she desires. When her roommate drags her to Serve she's not sure if that is what she needs. Until she meets David

David is a loner. He has secrets that have destroyed all his past relationships and he's not willing to go through that heartbreak again. But Serve is the one place he can get what he needs and he has his sights set on Cassidy.

But Cassidy has had enough of people keeping her at arms length, she's tired of exposing herself but not being allowed to see the nitty gritty of her partner and she wants in to David's life. In fact she is probably the only one qualified enough to understand and help him, if only he'd let her in.

Bind Me Before You Go may be part a BDSM series but it is definitely not hardcore. In fact it is very sweet love story and the BDSM scenes are mild and very romantic. And with each book written by a different author, one gets a variety of perspectives into the kind of place that Serve is. I think I will be following up on the previous titles.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review