Naked - Stacey Trombley The title of this book is reflective of the subject. Stacey Trombley's book forces you to take a look at your naked self. The self you hide under layers of image, status, reputation. The self that compels you to do whatever is necessary to keep your image untarnished, you status untouchable, your reputation impeccable. It is the self that bears the brunt of an upbringing that can either make you or break you. The self that ultimately makes you into the person you are.

Anna's father and her mother were the products of that upbringing and Anna suffered for it. She attempted to change her circumstances and escape and she made her mistakes But she had the courage to face her demons, fight against the current, and take on a battle few would be brave enough to challenge.

Bravo to Stacy Trombley for writing a book that is raw and honest. A bitter medicine, hard to swallow but resulting in a deep healing.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.