Kissing Frogs

Kissing Frogs - Rich Amooi As always Rich Amooi writes about life as it truly is. Romance and all it's quirks, hits and misses, surprisingly pensive moments and huge doses of comedy and humor. A few pages into the first chapter and I was already giggling. The lead characters Sara and Ian have issues to work on of their own but together they seem to balance each other out. They are real, honest and down to earth. Each even has their own weird and eccentric sidekick/best friend. And of course we must have the star of every Rich Amooi book, a four legged friend with an entire personality and issues of their own.

In all honesty I will say that that Dog Day Wedding and Five Minutes Late are still higher up on my favorites list but this book will not disappoint you in any way. A great book to enjoy your summer and one that you will not be able to easily put down.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review