Relentless - Skye Jordan, Joan Swan When you have a long history together, things either become simpler or then a hell of a lot more complicated. Such is the case of Troy and Ellie's relationship. Living together as foster children created strong bonds, of protection, care and understanding beyond one's imagination. The support system Troy and Ellie created for each other was a rare blessing and true love deepened that bond but also shattered it when the pursuit of dreams got in the way. Ellie broke his heart and broke him.

Troy spent the next several years trying to forget Ellie and reinventing himself through sheer backbreaking hard work, making a successful career for himself as a stuntman with the Renegades. And just when things are how he wants them, Ellie comes back. Flaunting the successful music career she gave him up for, and throwing his world into chaos once again. Everywhere he turns to avoid her, there she is, even in the most unexpected of places. So with a single minded purpose he sets out to get her out of his system and falls deeper than he's ever been.

Relentless is the story of finding the one person in your life that only belongs to you and to whom you belong to forever. Time, circumstance and fame does not change what you feel deep in your bones and sometimes because you are too young or immature or just generally clueless to realize what you have, you hurt one another and end up losing your soulmate. And if fate is kind, you might just get a second chance to make amends and love each other the way you truly deserve to be loved.

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