The Prince's Runaway Lover

The Prince's Runaway Lover - Robin Covington The Men of the Zodiac is a really enjoyable series. This particular title moves away from the Billionaire theme in to Royalty. And even better it has a mysterious and dramatic storyline. Crown Prince Nicholas Lytton is an unconventional prince who is suddenly faced with shouldering the responsibility of an entire country. His early morning runs are an escape from his burdens and they get a lot more interesting when he is joined by a mysteriously silent running partner.

Isabel has a past that she is running from and getting involved with a high profile royal is the last thing she needs. He needs a queen by his side and he is intent on pursuing her. She just wants to hide away from the rest of the world because she knows that she is the key to his ruin.

I really enjoyed how persistent Nick is in his pursuit of her and how much Isabel wants to protect Nick from her history. Things do get rocky for a bit but in the end, there is is a very lovely HEA.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review