Pursued by the Rogue (The Fairy Tales of New York Book 1)

Pursued by the Rogue (The Fairy Tales of New York Book 1) - Kelly Hunter ​ Fairy Tales of New York series is about 4 best friends who grew up together in a boarding school. Dawn, Mercy, Zelda and Faith. Except for Faith, each has seemingly been abandoned by their respective families and develop a close knit relationship with each other.

Book 1, "Pursued by the Rogue" kicks off with an amazing story about Dawn and Finn, who is Faith's brother. Dawn considers herself an "ugly Duckling" but Finn thinks her otherwise. As teenagers they are instantly drawn to each other. She dreams of a future together with Finn. But life gets in the way and Dawn distances herself from Faith and Finn with secrets of her own,

Years later at a reunion, she and Finn reconnect but Dawn's priorities have changed. She only wants a no strings attached relationship and her focus is her genetic research company that she has put all her efforts into building. FInn agrees with her but intends to change her mind. Soon Dawn realizes she wants more than she thinks but her secrets will not allow her to dream of a future with Finn.

I read the second half of this book with tears in my eyes. A short and sweet book about love lost and regained with many sad scenes but a lovely HEA.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.