Embrace the Dark

Embrace the Dark - Caris Roane Abigail and Gerrod are from 2 different worlds, separate realms, but are instantly drawn to each other. Mastyr vampire Gerrod of the Merhaine Realm, takes the responsibility of the well being of his people very seriously and he will not allow anything to distract him from his duties especially not a human girl and more especially when they all are under the constant threat of an Invictus attack.

But when an innocent touch off-sets skills within Abigail that should be impossible for a human to access, questions arise. And some instinct within drives her to his side, begs him to feed from her and relive himself of the blood starvation common amongst mastyr vampires.

Soon they are faced with dangers that no one anticipated, but Abigale just might be the answer to all of Gerrod's problems.

This is a paranormal romance but with just a enough fiction to make it different from the rest.

eARC provided in exchange for an honest review