What a Girl Wants

What a Girl Wants - Kate Perry Another smashing hit from Kate Perry!

Fillmore and Greenwich is a crossover/spinoff series from the Laurel Heights and the Summerhill series. In this book we get to say hello to Rick (Gwen the gourd artist's beau) from Laurel Heights and Viola, Portia and Jacqueline from Summerhill. But essentially it is the story of Ariana Warren and Sebastian Tate.

For those of you have read it, you will remember at the end of "Give a Little" (Summerhill, #7) we see a teary send-off to Sebastian who is returning to the US to help out the daughter of a friend and this is where the book starts up. Fillmore and Greenwich is an intersection somewhere in Laurel Heights (I am assuming) which hosts a number of businesses, including Ariana's custom-made beauty products studio and Sebastian has been dispatched by her overbearing father to help expand her business, much to Ariana's chagrin. At first she won't give him the time of day but we have all learned what a persuasive and charming man Mr. Tate can be, so eventually she gives him a listen and is intrigued by what he has to offer. As they delve deeper into a work relationship, a more personal one builds up with the aid of a quirky psychic name Esme. I love her by the way, in fact I wish I has one of her for my own. It would make life a lot easier and much more interesting.

At the same time Ariana discovers a family secret and despite many warnings and much discouragement she digs deeper only to discover something that drives a wedge between her family and herself. Being unable to share the same with Sebastian causes a rift between them as well. But no worries there is an HEA here and since I don't want to give out any spoilers I am just going to say..... Get yourself a copy and read it already.

ARC gifted in exchange for an honest review.