Deal With The Devil

Deal With The Devil - Cynthia Eden This is one of my favorite series and I was quite looking forward to this installment seeing as Eric has always a mysterious and intriguing character. To finally learn the truth about him was a relief and put some things into perspective. It was also great to see Eric and Ella come together like that, to find peace and comfort in each other. It was a little odd to discover what a blabbermouth Connor was though.

I was however not impressed with the book as a whole. Even though I really wanted to know what Eric story was all about, I was a little bit disappointed at the execution of the story. There was so much to discover but I felt that this book was a tad overwritten, like the draft version of a novel before the editor gives their input. Some of the scenes felt surplus and unnecessary, like they could have been incorporated better into the story. The entry of a second nemesis was abrupt, there was no build up for him in the storyline, as if the idea was thrown in there at the last minute in order to expand the story for a higher word limit. In my opinion justice was not done in the finalizing of this creative piece.

I am an avid reader of Cynthia Eden's work and am quite familiar with her style. I mean no disrespect to her creativity or her editor but somehow I feel that this particular book fell short of her regular standard.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.