Crazy for the Competition

Crazy for the Competition - Cindi Madsen A lovely book about doing over your life and making a fresh start. Quinn feels stifled from conforming to her traditional parents ideas of the proper daughter. Being unable to be herself, dating people that her parents approve of but who in the long run would not respect her boundaries. Her ticket to freedom is Mountain Ridge, a place she hopes to win a bid on with the dreams of turning it into an elegant B & B.

Heath is the perfect bad boy; motorcycle rider, band member with a scruffy beard, tats and jewelry to boot. He has returned to Hope Springs with a dream of his own. Turn Mountain Ridge into a Hunting Lodge so that he and his brother can have something of their own to build. When the town committee is unable to decide who to grant the bid to, their solution is to put the two of them together on a project for an upcoming festival and see where the chips fall.

Though they are both from different worlds, they unexpectedly find common ground and a magnetic attraction to each other, which eventually makes them realize that building a place of their own means nothing if there is nobody special to share it with

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