Rules of Seduction

Rules of Seduction - Joya Ryan In spite of being part of a BDSM themed series, Rules of Seduction is quite mild. Which is great because it focuses more on the relationship being built between the two characters, Nolan and Ava.

Ava is only just getting back on her feet after she lost her identity to a controlling marriage. She just wants to feel alive again, something other than the bland nothingness her soul has been subjected to in those long years. Pleasure and passion, but not included are romantic feelings. So when she signs up at Serve, she is open to everything there is to offer. Her only condition is that her partner remain anonymous, faceless, voiceless. She does not want to be anybody's slave any more. Just a body that can make her soar.

Nolan knows exactly who to assign to her. Himself, because he is exactly what she is looking for and she is exactly what he needs. No strings, no attachments. But things take a complicated turn when an easy friendship between the two gives rise to unwanted but surprisingly urgent feelings.

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