Unspoken - Brenda Rothert A bittersweet love story about how we can lose the greatest loves of our lives because of our fears and by not speaking the words that we really should.

Brady and Palmer are seemingly the perfect couple, but when they fall upon hard times due to circumstances in their lives beyond their control, they lash out at each other pushing the other away. A year later when a common project pushes them together once again, only then do they realize how much time was wasted and how much heartache and sadness could have been avoided if they had only learnt to reach out and lean on each other, if they had only held back their pride and depended on their love to pull them through.

Stories about second chances are among my favorites and this one is definitely a must read. Dark and brooding, but hopeful this book teaches us the many forms of love that exist in our lives, that life is not all happiness and fairytales but that the reality of it is brutal and shattering and how important it is to have that one person in your life who will be the glue that holds it all together.

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