Taking What's His

Taking What's His - Diane Alberts A tumultuous yet steamy and romantic love story with mild bondage and dominance themes about a broken ex Marine turned IT guy, Holt, who finds peace in the arms of his strawberry blond mind you, not red haired, nurse, Lydia. In spite of feeling that he is unworthy of her and the added complication of her being the baby sister of his best friend, Holt just cannot keep his feelings for her under wraps. And for Lydia the feeling is more than mutual, being instantly drawn to Holt.

The back and forth on Holt's part well portrays the conflict and confusion he feels even though he is falling hard for Lydia. I loved the Doctor Who references being a crazy Whovian myself and a HUGE fan of Ten. The Epilogue was especially cute and had me giggling, but it is a lovely HEA.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review