Desiring a Demon

Desiring a Demon - Missy Jane Okay so this book starts out great, I loved the mysterious meeting of Rafe and Asta in the Epilogue, then tapers into some freaky supernatural body changes that don't stop the half demon half human and angel from getting hot and heavy then spikes into some cat and mouse demons vs angels battles and ends with the angel hanging up his wings to spend a mortal lifetime with the half demon half human who is now a full human.

Of course the novel is not as simplified as I've made it but this is what I felt, was the general flow of the story. I felt a few background elements could have been elaborated upon e.g. the character Forge comes out of nowhere. In one line he's just a mention and in the next chapter he's the full blown villain of the book. Armoros is such a big threat to Asta but only appears once in some sinister daddy-daughter time. Maybe it is my misunderstanding that this book is a standalone but it's possible that I should read it in continuation with the first. That will probably fill in the gaps.

Overall it's not a bad read at all. Angels and demons are as great a theme as vamps and weres or witches and warlocks. From personal experience some series take a while to catch on for me. So I'm going to hang in there and keep an open mind, read the first book "Trusting an Angel" then read the third one when it comes out. Will see how it goes from there.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.