Ten Days in Tuscany

Ten Days in Tuscany - Annie Seaton Nic and Gia's story is a whirlwind fairytale romance. Coming from starkly different backgrounds they both have a common passion - Art. Each has suffered the indifference from their families for their love of all things art. In order to appease his father Nic sacrificed his artistic dreams to run the family business. On his own time he mentors budding artists and helps their career, but is disappointed by their lack of passion.

Gia only wants to paint but her family expects her to settle down, have children and help manage the family restaurant. When fate throws Nic and Gia together, giving them the opportunity to indulge, they grab on to it with both hands. Gia has the passion that Nic craves in his protégées and Nic has the means to introduce her work to the world. But Nic hides his true identity, so that Gia can feel it is her work that has brought her into the limelight not the prestige of his family name.

Unfortunately a misleading report leads to a flailing business deal, and the lie is exposed. Nic and Gia, both stand to lose a lot more than they bargained for; their passion for art and their love for each other.

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