The Duke of Andelot

The Duke of Andelot - Delilah Marvelle Finally we learn the whirlwind, heartbreaking romance between Madame de Maitenon and Duc de Andelot.

He is on a quest to save the King of France and she is on her way to Paris to conquer the theater. She allies as a spy with him to help in his quest to save the throne. But the chemistry between them is undeniable and the attraction an unstoppable force. In spite of infrequent meetings neither is able to get the other out of their mind. Their love blossoms in the midst of the French Revelation and tragedy in never far from their lives. Circumstances require them to separate and the events that occurs due to these circumstances keep them apart for ore than 30 years. I won't be mentioning any of the details because this book is worth the reads. What I can tell you is that there is a very well deserved happy ending.

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