One Night with Her Bachelor

One Night with Her Bachelor - Kat Latham The concluding book of this series, covers the reason for the bachelor auction. Molly is a single mom to Josh. Married young and divorced a few years later with a toddler, Molly has struggled to make a life of her own, putting herself through school and then working as a kindergarten teacher and being a mother to 10 year old Josh has been a challenge. Gabriel Morales has been around since she was a child and she's always had a crush on him. But he was her brother Scott's best friend and so off limits. Many years later, Scott has been sacrificed to the war and Gabriel gravely injured while rescuing him.

On a rare day off, while Josh is on camping trip Molly tries to reconnect with Gabriel, who lives up in the mountains, his cabin cut of from all communications except for a radio tuned in to the forest rangers. Then tragedy strikes and her life becomes more challenging than ever and she's determined to make on her own. Gabriel tries to help her while distancing himself as much as possible. But circumstances force Molly to accept help from others and hence the Bachelor auction. The rest I will let you read for yourself ;-D

A lovely novella about overcoming tragedies and allowing oneself to lean on others.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.