Time Served

Time Served - Julianna Keyes Julianna Keyes' story is natural, down to earth and real. A rags to riches style story with second chances thrown in. Rachel and Dean are from the other side of the tracks, and madly in love. The only thing uncommon between them is that Rachel wants more out of life and grabs on to it with both hands when the opportunity to do something about it comes her way. She leaves that life behind her without a look back and 10 years later she's climbing the proverbial corporate ladder at a high end law firm. That is when her new life and her old collide and she is forced to confront the trailer park girl that she had buried deep under designer suits and law degrees. Dean is dark and bitter after spending 8 years in jail and he wants revenge, from Rachel for breaking his heart and disappearing from his life without a word.

Copy received via Carina Press/Netgalley in exchange for an honest review