Rocked in Pieces

Rocked in Pieces - Clara Bayard I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I have been following this series almost since it started. BBWs and rockstars make a great and entertaining read. Becca and Dex's story is my favorite but Matthew has always been an intriguing character. Always quiet lurking somewhere in the background. It's nice to finally read about him finding someone to love. As it is to be expected their story is off to a rocky start but Clara Bayard never disappoints where happy endings are concerned and I predict we'll be seeing a bit more turbulence, tragedy and heartbreak before we are rewarded. So I'm hanging there with my fingers crossed and rooting for Ellie, hoping she will finally be able to make it clear to everybody that she deserves their trust and someone please (mentally) kick Steven in the ass every time they come across his name. Thanks.