Awakened - Stacey Kennedy Recieved ARC from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept through NetGalley

I think everyone following this series was curious about Mary and her involvement with the BDSM lifestyle. It's great to know that Stacey Kennedy is in tune with her readers. A story filled with sorrow and sadness but redeeming itself with hope and the realization that you can get a second chance to love again. It's a great life lesson for all those who have lost someone they love dearly, that life goes on and there is no shame in it if you happen to find someone who you can love as much and maybe even more.
Though a short and quick read, this novel gave a deep insight into a truly committed D/s relationship.

And with the excerpt from Tamed as a bonus, you've got me waiting on the edge of my seat for that one to come out