A Mate for York (The Program Book 1)

A Mate for York (The Program Book 1) - Charlene Hartnady If you have been following this series from the beginning i.e. from Chosen by the Vampire Kings series to Awakened by the Vampire Prince, you would understand how important the Breeding Program arc is to this particular dimension of Charleneverse. The entire existence of the various species is at risk of extinction and thanks to the input of the Wolves, the Vampire Kings have finally decided to ignore their Lores and actually make an attempt at inter species breeding hence the Breeding Programs that will hopefully find mates for many of the characters that we have come to love since the beginning of this series.

In this book York has been granted a place in the trial phase thanks to his role in getting Xavier and Esral together. Cassidy has the most important role in the program as well as the riskiest. Her job is to determine which of the potential candidates have blood lust. When York meets her for the first time, his instincts are instantly on alert and he senses his future mate in Cassidy. Unfortunately her role only lasts till the trial phase. So you can imagine the uproar that he causes for Zane and Brant. Funny and heartbreaking at the same time, you may just have happy tears in your eyes as you go through the story.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review