Her Sworn Enemy

Her Sworn Enemy - Theresa Meyers The concluding story of this series finally catches us up with the mysterious tattoo artist that plays a crucial role in this series. And of course we would have to find her in Mystery Central - New Orleans.

Bella Dupre is struggling to keep herself and her aunt's business afloat while trying to pay off the huge debt left behind by her family's curse. Her dream to salvage her ancestor's ship and recover its treasures can solve all her problems. When the dream becomes a reality, complications arise with the head of the salvage team, Tucker McCormack. She has already suffered at the hands of the McCormacks, in fact, they are one of the reasons she is in over her head in debt. But Tucker has his own bone to pick with the McCormacks. So warily, she moves forward with her plans, but the attraction between them is hard to resist in spite of the "no fraternizing" rule on the salvage ship. The stars have much more than they expected in store for their futures, but which of them is willing enough to let go of the past in order the make all their dreams come true.

A sweet, adventurous and steamy novel about letting go of your preconceived notions and embracing the opportunities staring you right in the face.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.