Fiance for Keeps

Fiance for Keeps - Gail Chianese In spite of being left at the altar 5 years earlier, then after spending a passionate weekend together, being ignored for another few more months, Brody's feelings for Denise are as intense as ever. Denise has her reasons for freezing Brody out but she feels the same. When a contract for a reality show, signed in haste, stands in the way of her career, Denise turns to Brody for legal help. Once again feelings are revived but this time, Denise wants to break the cycle of their on again off again relationship. So when she has to go ahead with the reality show, she decides to move on and find her ideal future partner. The last person she expects to find is Brody; as one of the contestants.

Of course, one cannot fight the inevitable and they get back together. But the secret of why she left all those years ago still haunts her. And though Brody is the only man she will ever love, she must tell him the truth. Even if it means that she will lose him, and this time it will be forever.

A classic tale of undying love, this book is ideal for hardcore hopeless romantics. I've enjoyed this series from the start and this third book is quite the cherry on top.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.