Melt For Me (Against All Odds Book 3)

Melt For Me (Against All Odds Book 3) - Elisabeth Naughton Ella McKinley lost pretty much everything she had going for her on one stormy Christmas Eve. Now she is the modern day female version of the Grinch and would like to bypass Christmas altogether. She can’t wait to make enough money so that she can sell her pub Yueltide Spirits and leave Holly behind. Then Tate Kendrick rolls into town, seeking her out and hoping to reconnect. Fans of the Aegis series will recognize Tate Kendrick as the rock star who often hires the Aegis team. Suddenly things start going wrong; vandalism and break-ins have Ella wondering if Tate really wants to get back together or is he just back to take his revenge. Tate must have spent enough time with the Aegis guys because he does a pretty good job at being Ella’s bodyguard.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review