Cadha's Rogue (The Highland Renegades) (Volume 5)

Cadha's Rogue (The Highland Renegades) (Volume 5) - R.L. Syme Cadha de Witt is heartbroken to find that her family has return to Scotland without her first love Maas. Maas who was adopted by Captain de Witt as a young boy, has found his sister Lillain, who married her father's second in command Malcolm Sinclair and decided to remain in Scotland. She pays Greta to take her from Holland to Scotland. But Greta is actually a disguise used by Valc, who needs the money to pay a debt he owes. But Cadha is in a hurry and doesn't was to take the cautious path laid out by Valc, so when she changes course while he is asleep, she puts both them and their ship in danger. What follows is a journey filled with danger, romance and heartbreak for many of the parties involved.

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