Malcolm's Return

Malcolm's Return - R.L. Syme Malcolm and Lillian set out to rescue Josephine de Witt and redeem themselves in way for not doing so in first place. They return to Castle St. Clair to make amends with his family and seek their help only to find Kees Rademacher, Josephine's father and adopted brother, awaiting their arrival. Captain de Witt has appointed Kees with the task of retrieving Josephine from the enemy's camp and bringing her home. But when they discover that she is being held at a brothel, Malcolm leaves Lillian behind at Castle St.Clair and joins Kees on the rescue mission.

But Josephine has plans of her own. In an attempt to end the feud with the Wyatts she is prepared to sacrifice herself. What she is not prepared for is the attraction she feels toward Kees who is just as surprised by his feelings for her.

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