Dragon in the Blood (Vale of Stars Book 2)

Dragon in the Blood (Vale of Stars Book 2) - Juliette Cross Oh my goodness this story has taken such a twisted turn. That Starfell prophecy was such a bomb blast. I'm still trying to decipher part of it. Conn and Valla are too cute for words. And after seeing Conn in all those impish roles in the Nightwing books it is quite funny to see him realise that he too can burn with soulfire. Past and present colliding and old monsters heralding new ones. Supposed enemies turn into allies and friends. I'm so curious about plot developments concerning Bastien and Kera and if I'm not mistaken is something brewing between Bowen and Lyla? I don't know why I want to see them together but I do. Oh God when is the next book coming out. I can't take this for too long.

Free copy provided in exchange for an honest review.