The Pirate Highlander

The Pirate Highlander - R.L. Syme Malcolm Sinclair ran away from home embarrassed and disgraced by his actions. Being used to a life of ease, he now faces the unknown. Captain de Witt is an infamously ruthless privateer, looting the English. Under his tutelage Malcolm flourishes and learns to control his emotions. When de Witt is injured in battle he entrusts the rescue of his daughter Josephine to Malcolm, decreeing that they be married aboard ship with the crew as witnesses, as soon as she is rescued.

Lillian Mason is out for revenge. In an attempt to avenge the murder of her brother and cousin she switched places with Josephine de Witt and hides in the sack that is brought on board to Malcolm.
He is stunned when instead of someone resembling her father, a red-headed Gaelic speaking woman tumbles out. Realizing her plan has failed Lillian continues to pretend that she is Josephine and since none of the crew members have seen her before, she is able to pull it off. Until she realizes that she has been married to Malcolm and is now rapidly falling in love with him. Now she must decided if she is willing to lose the man she loves to avenge her brother's murder. Or continue to keep up appearances, until her true identity is revealed and lose Malcolm in the end anyway.

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