Quantum - Jess Anastasi Aboard the Imojenna life is all hearts and rainbows... for Tannin and Zahili that is. For Rian, it is pure torture. Ella, for one is getting under his skin and that is way too close for comfort. The other his two closest friends are in danger. One of them may already have been compromised and fallen victim to to the silent alien invasion.

Captain Admiral Zander Graydon is pissed...big time. Somebody wants him out of the picture and all suspicions fall on his new assistant. Lieutenant Marshal Mae Petros has secrets that are not hers to tell. She needs to determine if Zander is really who he says he is and keep him safe until she can get him to Rian Sherron. So expect a Nirali sized shipful of action, adventure and intrigue.

This series just get better with each installment. Oh man do I hope this series gets picked up by a television network. It would make such a rocking tv show. @SyFy where are you?

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.