Flame - Victoria Purman Dex has always been a drifter, trying out different jobs, figuring out who he is. Cady has always known what she wants from her life. To own her own bakery and Dex McCoy. But her shy nature has always prevented her from telling Dex about how she feels. One drink too many, a bad attempt at seduction and rejection from Dex in the past, has made her wary. As for Dex he's never thought he was good enough for Cady, even though she's the only girl he's ever dreamed about.

Even though Dex is back home, Cady is scared of being left alone. Trusting him to be there for her is going to tough considering he's always going off to do something else. Dex just wants her to give him a chance to prove that he'll be right where she needs him to be.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review