Silver Moon Sparkling

Silver Moon Sparkling - Kate Perry Oh my gosh, wasn't this the sweetest love story ever. I liked Robbie's character from the get go but what a gooey center he turned out to have. He's not the typical damaged goods/bad boy but it turns out he's lonely and doesn't trust his instincts because he feels like he has forgotten to love. Enter Sara, a floundering motivational speaker in serious need of some motivating herself.

Of course, Robbie can be that motivator seeing that he's been a pillar of support for Elle for so long and I LOVE Luna and her positive outlook. It is going to be amazing to learn her story. Lily is finally shrugging off that funk she's been in and isn't Owen just such a sweetie! So much is happening in Bedford Falls right now! I am excited to see what comes next

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review