Naked: A Body & Soul Novel

Naked: A Body & Soul Novel - Gina Gordon Great new series in the making. Love the characters especially Harper ( I am so looking forward to her story) Violet's life has been defined by her beauty and when she no longer has that, she seems to lose her self identity. Coupled with tragedy and her family's expectations of her makes her even more of a recluse. Noah is right there watching and waiting, giving her what she needs from him, patiently for her to open up even though he can see how blatantly her demons hold her back. But it is amazing how if we allow someone to see our true selves, allow ourselves to accept the reality of who and what we are and allow ourselves to be accepted by others, life and love can be ours for the taking. Being the weird one in my own life I can relate but I learnt that trying not to conform to society's standards of normal and self acceptance is the only way to be truly at peace, which is what Violet eventually learns about herself thanks to the people who love her.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review