Thorn - Charlene Hartnady I don't want to give any spoilers so if you want to figure out what I'm going on about you HAVE TO READ THE BOOK! This particular installment is full of twists and turn and OMG moments. This is the best trilogy in the series.

Oh goodness gracious! Oh jeez! OMG! I'm still trying to get over it. Oh hell no! But one thing is for sure. If that particular failsafe is present for all female elves, their partners have to love them to pieces if they're willing to go through that. And if those male elves force the girls to get rid of it themselves, they DO NOT DESERVE THEM.

YAY! for Xavier and Esral, I'm so glad that they finally got their happy ending. They really are perfect together and have to be one of the sweetest couples in this entire series. Ward and Steph were my favs but now Xavier and Esral take first place.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review